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For 26 years I have been on a healing path for childhood abuse and adult substance abuse. My body holds the trauma, detailed in a variety of autoimmune flare-ups, depression and anxiety. I have utilized both traditional and alternative forms of therapy.

My first Sound Bath was in 2017, with my daughter, in Window Rock Az.  It was performed by women, Navajo Elders at The Gathering of Healers.

Since then, I've attended several Sound Healings in Rochester NY and am grateful to find my way to Carol Scheg-Morissette. When I first attended her healings I was carrying a lot of emotional grief and physical pain from a severe fibromyalgia flare-up. Her Sound Baths/Meditations clear the chaos physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I have less physical pain, increased energy, my memory and concentration is better, sleep problems are less,  and am much better at handling stress.

Balance and harmony are restored, and I a grateful for her


Last weekend as I was looking for a place to relax and unwind, I found this Rochester hidden gem. I did a foot detox that was amazing and had me feeling like a brand new person. It was incredible watching toxins being released from my body. I also did the meditation and it was very calming. I enjoyed how carol used all the different sources of sounds and a calming voice to relax the body and mind. This was one of the best experiences I’ve had with any spa or mediation. I will be booking my next appointment next week and look forward to getting a massage and using the salt room. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a great healthy relaxing day.

Kyle B
Rochester, NY


A few weeks ago I went to healthy alternatives with my son for the children music in motion class. Carol works very well with the children and does a music parade for them as well as reads them a story and does a short sleepy turtle meditation that is shorter to fit the attention span of young toddlers. My son did not want to leave. We also tried out the salt room while we were there and my son loved the color changing of the salt room to help clear his airways. Healthy alternatives is the best!

Cindy C
Rochester, NY


Healthy Alternatives Wellness Center has been my go to place for a few years now. Carol's talents have made this my one stop shopping center for massage, gems, health products & treatments, energy based treatments and my favorite; guided sound meditation. Carol presents a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere with subtle lighting, as she leads the group through the meditation addressing each chakkra. Carol's vast variety of vibrational sound is one of my favorite components. I alternate use of the comfortable mats or chairs depending on any aches as I leave my worries behind and settle into a quiet mind. Relief from headaches, stress and tense or overused muscles id appreciated. Before leaving I make sure I am grounded by stepping into the huge grounding bowl Carol provides as closure to the session.

Cathy R
Rochester, NY


I booked a sound healing individual session with Carol.  I found Carol very knowledgeable and patient.  The session was wonderfully relaxing and calming.  I also took a guided sound meditation class which I also found very relaxing and soothing to the soul.

Melaney B
Rochester, NY


Welcome to Healthy Alternatives Wellness Center! My favorite thing to do is start my week off with a Sunday evening meditation, with Carol's singing bowls and the GONG!!! Carol is very experienced creating a very relaxing atmosphere, that will put you right to sleep if you let her!!! Sign up on the website to receive notifications of all the fun things to do such as foot detox, raindrop treatments, reiki and a long list of other healthy ways to take care yourself!

Anne P
Rochester, NY


I received Craniosacral therapy from Carol at Healthy Alternatives, and felt very relaxed during and after the session. Carol is very knowledgeable and experienced  and she explained how the process works to bring more balance into the body.  I felt sensations in my body along with a sense of deep relaxation and I knew it was working. I was very pleased with my healing from Carol at Healthy Alternatives.

Rochester, NY


We love Healthy Alternatives!!!! The kids love the drums and I love the mommy time outs! Sound healing is my ultimate favorite! If you haven’t tried it you need to! Take the time for yourself! I’ve learned reiki from Carol and use it on myself and my kids. The last time we were in we went in the infrared salt room. That was really cool. I look forward to move visits back for sound healing and am interested in trying a foot detox. Will update after that! I love Carol at Healthy alternatives!!! Oh and Suzies Gems too!

Alison R
Rochester, NY


Carol helped my daughter with seasonal allergies and detoxification with foot detox system.  We are grateful for Carol and all that she has done for us!

Melissa G
Rochester, NY


I took Reiki l and Reiki ll with my instructor Carol Morissette 2 years ago mostly to be able to relieve my mother's pain from her rotator cuff rubbing on bone. Carol was a great instructor..She took the time to make sure I understood the spiritualism to heal a person & practice Reiki

Donna C
Rochester, NY


Good vibes!! 💓💓💓

Kristy M
Rochester, NY

When I first started having sessions with Carol, my health was at its worst. I had horrible stomach issues, caused by food sensitivities and anxiety/stress. They were so bad that I could barely swallow. I went to my doctors, I had all the tests done, and they told me nothing was seriously wrong. They wanted me to go back on medications that I had previously weaned myself of because I knew they were destroying my system. Carol started me with detox footpaths 2-3 times a week to cleanse my body of toxins. She would also give me 1-2 treatments per week. Treatments included IET, Reiki, and allergy clearings. She also would work with me on tapping, a technique to relieve anxiety. Essential oils were also suggested, along with dietary changes. For the first few months I would arrive to my treatments feeling awful, exhausted, and exasperated. By the time I left I felt like a person again. Sometimes that feeling only lasted for a few hours, but gradually it started lasting longer and longer. After an allergy clearing, I was very nervous to try a food that historically made me sick. But Carol had so much confidence that I would be okay, so I tried very little amounts at a time. For example, eggs used to make me violently ill. Even if a little bit was mixed into a food I ate, I was so very sick. Imagine my amazement when I ate an entire boiled egg and nothing happened. A fluke maybe? Nope. I’ve been eating eggs weekly for months and they still don’t bother me. At one point I didn’t eat peanuts, tree-nuts, gluten, dairy, red meat, pork, eggs, soy, or corn. Sometimes even rice and oats would make me sick. I eat everything except for peanuts and tree nuts (I have an anaphylactic allergy) and red meat. None of it makes me sick! Imagine the joy I felt the first time I ate a Christmas cookie in about 15 years. It’s been life changing. Being able to eat normally again and significantly lowered my anxiety level. I no longer have to worry when we go out to eat or to parties. I can join in with my family and have ice cream with them. In addition to the anxiety that stemmed from food, she has helped me to work through my other anxiety as well. For example, before a big family trip I was extremely anxious which was causing me stomach upset. She devised a tapping technique that I could repeat on my own whenever I felt the anxiety creep through. At first I thought, no way. My anxiety is bigger than this. I was wrong. It got me through and more than okay, I was calm! I cannot say enough about the many ways Carol has changed my life. I no longer worry about ailments because I know she can help me, even if doctors cannot. She has given me hope that I did not have before that I can get my body healed and working optimally.

A. M  Rochester NY



Raindrop Therapy

I saw Carol's ad in the church bulletin advertising an informational meeting on Raindrop Therapy. I attended and was quite interested because of the healthy alternative ways that will help illness, common ailments, stress etc. was addressed. I had suffered from eczema almost my whole life. I always used creams, steroids whatever the doctor suggested. Sometimes they worked for quite awhile and others a short time. After hearing about Raindrop Therapy, I was ready to try it the next time my eczema flared up. I went to Carol when that happened and she did a Raindrop and used oils to relieve inflammation, itchiness and stress. I went a few times and relief was great. She also gave me an ointment to apply when I started to itch which contained calendula. It worked. With all the other suggestions Carol made like brushing my skin for relief, avoiding certain foods , and trying to de-stress(which I am still working on), I have been able to control my eczema. Whenever I have a flare up, I use the ointment and essential oils and I am back on track.

Suzanne C.
Rochester, NY


Allergy Reduction Technique


I was having problems with allergies. I had been on several medications from the doctor and allergist and I was getting worse. Carol muscle tested me and said it was house dust. I was skeptical about the process. So she asked for something I knew I was allergic to. I had always been allergic to Concord grapes. I ate a couple grapes and my mouth became itchy. She did an allergy clearing on me for the grapes. I avoided the grapes for 25 hours. I was no longer allergic to Concord Grapes. Two days later she cleared me of household dust. My allergic symptoms went away. The only discomfort was it caused my to hiccup for about ten minutes

Charyll M.
Rochester, NY


My daughter Sky began having a small rash appear on her left torso around the age of 2yrs old, I went to numerous pediatricians and even a holistic pediatrician looking for some answers as to how to get rid of it , every day that went by the rash spread and got worse and painful for her every time I would put any type of lotion or oil on it thinking it was eczema or hives as per what the doctors had told me ... this went on for a while and continued to worsen so I was looking to try anything to help her. It was not until we met with Carol and she did the muscle test for her allergies did we find the root to the problem (the allergy testing was pain free and no side affects as opposed to a skin test performed by most allergist) Carol then did the ART allergy clearing and sent us home with the HOLY TEA for Sky and with in a matter of weeks her rash was vanishing and the foods thought to have been the allergens she could now eat again with out the rash or hives, we couldn't be happier to have FINALLY found something that worked !!!

Love & Light
Amy M.
Point Pleasent, NJ 


Halotherapy Salt Room

I wanted to let you know that after time in your salt room, my dry hands were completely smooth. My skin was less itchy and my lungs felt clearer. I'm looking forward to the next time. I also wanted to add that I slept very well that night which is a rarity..

Colleen HH
Rochester, NY


Guided Sound Healing Meditation:

I’ve been able to relieve sinus congestion, reduce a woman’s Blood Pressure problems, relieve back pain, relieved tooth ache, and relieve my own trigeminal Neuroglial with herbs and sound.


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